There are things you should be carrying with you everyday, also known as your every day carry or EDC, and then there are things you should bring with you in your car. While what you carry in your car and what you carry on your person will be different, the principles are the same. The items should be specific to your needs, compact, high quality, and they should all have a place to rest.

What you carry in your car will vary based on your needs because we don’t all have the same type of car or the same climate to drive in. This means you’ll have to make your own list, but there are a few things that everyone needs to have regardless of what ride they have.

1: A fire extinguisher. A good fire extinguisher doesn’t weigh very much and can mean the difference between life and death. It can also mean the difference between having to repair a small amount of damage and total vehicle loss.

2: A glass breaker/seatbelt cutter. In a car crash you won’t always be operating at 100%. To add to that your door may be smashed shut and your seat belt may be pinning you in place.

3: A way to jump start your car. Sometimes your battery will die. That’s just reality. And in between those times you will encounter others whose batteries have died too. Having a good set of jumper cables in the car is a must.

4: A GOOD flashlight. When I mentioned that high quality is a must for all of these items I meant it. And of all the items that need to be top notch the flashlight is the most important. Emergencies can be very unforgiving, and having a chincy 30 lumen flashlight will probably not do you much good when you’re trying to find something important in the grass at night. I know many people who don’t agree, but please try it for yourself and get a bright (minimum of 250 lumens) flashlight. You will thank me.

5: A first aid kit. This should be pretty self explanatory. Make sure it has enough bandages and ibuprofen to mend a scraped knee or calm your headache.

6: A stash of food and water. Have a few water bottles and enough snacks to get you by if you get stuck somewhere without access to food otherwise. And please make it something you would enjoy eating. Put in some trail mix or granola bars instead of the overbought emergency food that is basically cardboard.