What do you bring with you every day? Is it consistent? Does it meet your needs? Is it clunky? When it comes to EDC I have a minimalist perspective based on these questions.

Specifically I carry my cell phone, keys, wallet, knife, and where appropriate a firearm. That’s 4 items everywhere, and one based on what I’m doing that day. I chose these items because they fit well into my pockets, they meet most of my needs, and they are easy to consistently bring all the time. That last point is really the key to a good EDC, the consistency.

My keys always sit in the same pocket. So does my phone and so does my wallet. My knife is always clipped in the same spot and my firearm is always holstered in the same place on my belt. But why does this matter? For me there are two main reasons. The first of which is that it makes it easier to know if you forgot anything. As I check my pockets walking out the door I don’t have to feel around for long to know if I have everything, and if not what I’m missing.

The second reason is that I found a place that they are comfortable on my body. Simple as that. I don’t put my phone in the same pocket as my wallet because it bulges out and feels uncomfortable, not to mention it looks ridiculous.

All in all this combination meets my needs. Decide what your needs are and build your own based on that. Think you need a flashlight? Include it. Do you always find yourself squinting from the Sun? Throw in some sunglasses. Just make sure it meets your needs and is easy for you to carry every day.