Everyone is different, and everyone has different needs. But everyone needs a firearm in .22LR. Here are the top 5 reasons to own a .22LR.

  1. They are cheap. .22LR ammunition is about as cheap as they come. This is due to the number of manufacturers and the small amount of material it takes to produce them.
  2. They are quiet. Don’t get me wrong, a gun shot is a gun shot, and you should always use some sort of hearing protection, but a shot from a .22LR is significantly quieter than a larger rifle or shotgun round.
  3. They are everywhere. You probably won’t find a store that carries ammunition that doesn’t carry .22LR because it is extremely popular.
  4. They have virtually no recoil. Since the .22LR is so small it doesn’t punch you back as hard as other rounds. This makes it a great round to start with for people new to firearms, especially children.
  5. They are lethal. A misconception of the .22LR is that they can’t do any damage. While it is a small and slow round, the .22LR is lethal for smaller animals, but also people. One benefit that the .22LR has over other rounds is that it is much less likely to hurt someone on the other side of a household wall if you miss. So in the unlikely event that you need to defend yourself from an intruder in the middle of the night, you are less likely to hurt other people in the house.